Why work with a Headhunter?

By June 30, 2020August 6th, 2020Employer Center

Retained Search from a Candidate’s Point of View

Specialized:  Many candidates and potential candidates miss out on opportunities simply because they misunderstand how a retained search is conducted. Unlike contingent headhunters, retained searches are not about finding a quick fix for an under staffing issue or sending as many resumes as possible to the client. Retained search is a highly-specialized search that targets the perfect candidate. It’s not about finding just anyone who can perform the job duties; it’s about finding that special person who will thrive in the leadership role and is an excellent functional, organizational and cultural fit with our client.

Cultural Fit: For our clients, this means we are taking extra care using our own evaluation in hiring experience to make a cultural fit. It also means the client is not wasting time, effort and resources in hiring someone who isn’t right for their organization. For our candidates, this means you can be assured we will only present you special opportunities which we believe will help maximize your potential.

Minimized Cost: Our candidates and clients objective is to minimize the time and cost associated with the interview process. Our thorough and thoughtful approach is extensive and takes time but most of that burden falls on us.

Important: A mistake in a career change for a candidate means losing out on an existing successful position which most often can not be recovered. It would then require starting another job search which most of our candidates have never done, as they have always been recruited. From the client’s perspective, a new hire that is not successful in their new role in an extraordinary expensive to the organization.

Calculations have been made that the actual cost of such a hire is 2 to 10 times the salary of such a person. The 2 times includes the basic separation and hiring costs, while the 10 times also includes the organizational impact of the individual while employed as well as the lost opportunity costs and possible affect on the company’s reputation.

We are proud of the success we enjoy with our retained recruitment assignment, the short and long term value they have brought to their new employers.