Why Engage Us

By April 30, 2015Employer Center

The Engagement option is for high-priority or on-going positions, typically for sales, fulfillment, marketing, and middle-management staffing needs of an organization.

We will commit to an agreed-upon number of in-person interviews, to ensure a successful placement, and provide an extended hiring guarantee. An engagement fee is required to begin the search, with the final payment due on the candidate’s start date.

The Strategy

As Executive Recruiters, we are regularly asked the question: ‘why should we engage you exclusively for this assignment, when we can engage a number of recruitment agencies and widen our reach?’

There are a number of key reasons why an exclusive arrangement is a more effective way of sourcing the Ideal Candidate for your vacancy. Here are just a few reasons:

  • Understanding of the requirement. Under exclusive conditions, a more in-depth assessment of your recruitment needs will be undertaken and a ‘partnership’ will be established. The resultant recruitment process will be deeper and more comprehensive than a standard contingent process. The assignment will be based on a ‘project plan’ and an agreed recruitment timeline. Throughout the process there will be more engagement and consultancy between The EMAC Group staff and yourself, which in turn will contribute to the quality of the end product.
  • Effort.It is better to have a single agency working at 100% capacity on a role which is assigned exclusively, than to have multiple agencies working at only 20% capacity, on a role that requires them to compete for candidates. Multiple agencies = less effort = poor result
  • Best resources. Safe in the knowledge that we are working the role exclusively, and that we will be paid for our services, The EMAC Group assigns its best personnel and dedicated resources to the assignment.
  • Advocacy. Having been engaged exclusively, The EMAC Group will act as an advocate for your brand and ensure that the messages about your organisation are delivered positively and consistently in the market place.
  • Focus on quality.Exclusive assignments ensure a focus on quality of the candidate and the quality of the process – rather than quantity of candidates and speed of the process.
  • Proven results.Exclusive work is proven. A greater percentage of roles are filled in less time using an exclusive service. The likelihood of finding the perfect candidate is greatly enhanced using this method.
  • Shared Risk.There is risk sharing – we are accountable to you if we are engaged exclusively. If we fail to find the candidate, then we can be held to account. To minimise your risk, The EMAC Group is also willing to be engaged for a period of exclusivity.
  • Candidate Buy-In. Candidates respond more positively to an opportunity if one agency is working on an assignment. They will be more wedded to the recruitment process if it is being worked exclusively.
  • Consistency.Under exclusive conditions, there is a consistent approach to the market, because all candidates are funneled through exactly the same process. You are more likely to receive a quality shortlist of candidates who have been assessed against the same criteria under these conditions.
  • Exploration of the market.Under exclusive conditions, there is far greater exploration of the market. Exclusive assignments will seek to uncover passive candidates who are not actively looking for work. These are, more often than not, the best candidates for your role. Contingent assignments often only attract those who are looking for work on the internet job boards. Engaging agencies contingently will result in superficial efforts to attract candidates via advertising only.
  • Confidentiality.Confidentiality is assured, because only one agency is working the role, rather than many.
  • Time-efficient and Easy to Administer. Exclusive assignments save time and are less administratively burdensome, because you don’t have to deal with multiple agencies.