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Today, more than ever, your talent is the greatest advantage your organization has over the competition. And finding the right fit at the right time is crucial to your growth and success. Trusting an impersonal staffing firm that does not consider business goals or cultural fit is too risky, and sifting through a massive, disjointed network of candidates is simply too time consuming and costly to do internally. So how do you make sure you have the most qualified and productive professionals working for your organization?

The EMAC Group is an executive search and consulting firm specializing in the recruitment of executive management and sales positions in the mortgage industry. We work closely with companies to not just fill an open position, but establish long-term corporate, financial and hiring strategies based on culture, departmental goals and company vision.

Our unique approach to recruiting enables us to identify and place the best fit mortgage professionals who are the most qualified, not just “can do the job”, ensuring that their qualifications and long term goals wholly align to those of the client organizations. And we have mastered our areas of specialization, enabling us to bring the right expertise to the right organization, at the right time, with every search.

Let EMAC do the Leg Work!

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