Talent Restart

The EMAC Group’s Talent Acquisition ReStart program provides assistance to Hiring Managers with the strategic selection services of the Search Process. Our clients may have already qualified the prospect, conducted a series of interviews and in many cases are preparing to extend an offer. The candidate then goes cold or stops returning calls.

The key to successfully hiring Top Performers is to understand – most successful people will consider looking at a career change or advancement, if they feel it is their best interest and on their schedule.

Today’s employment market is strong, good candidates typically have more than one opportunity from which to choose. When deciding between two jobs, all else being equal, a candidate’s level of trust in a potential employer could be the deciding factor in their choice.

During the interview process Hiring Managers occasionally require assistance with a candidate, before the candidate cools off on the opportunity or they lose the prospect to another opportunity with a competitor and worse yet a counter offer.


Hiring the wrong employee can be damaging to business and could take years to overcome, identifying the best fit talent in your local market can streamline your recruiting initiative.

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