EMAC Talent Agent Experience

Our relationship is with you, the “Talent”, as you are paramount to our success. We strongly believe in good communication, fairness, honesty and reliability. In the spirit of good communication, we want you to know what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you.

What we provide to our Candidates

The executive and managerial market continues to be so candidate-driven because the talent pool remains shallow. As a result, average candidates will not do. Employers want “A” players to help them move their businesses forward. This ultimately gives top performers a strong advantage and greater bargaining power.

Providing a great candidate experience is a team effort. Not only does it require an effort on the part of everybody within your organization (especially those involved in the hiring process), but it also includes your search firm.

  1. An ethical, honest and professional approach.
  • The team at EMAC believes we have a responsibility to our client and equally to the candidates that empower us in their career search.
  • We absolutely never send your Professional Profile to a company without receiving permission.
  • We also provide you with tailored professional guidance throughout the job search, interview process and final negotiations.
  1. Access to our network of employers, hiring managers and job opportunities.

We have an expansive database of managers that we have either placed early in their careers or know via our network. These hiring managers retain our services and trust our judgement to present superior candidates.  We do not want to waste anyone’s valuable time, by trying to “fit a square peg into a round hole”. We remind our clients often that our candidate is happy but open to talk and it is the clients duty to present a clear path towards a more rewarding and enriching career.

  1. Confidential Career Marketing

A marketing voice is much stronger than a resume. We work with our candidates to clearly understand what they have done and what they want to do. We then take that information and actively communicate this pertinent information to our clients who have appropriately matched opportunities.

  1. Complimentary Career Consulting
  • There are times when we make suggestions and recommendations regarding your resume. We have seen tens of thousands of mortgage industry resumes and our fair share of mistakes.
  • We know what hiring managers are looking for in the ideal employee. Our Talent Agents prepare you for every meeting to ensure you gain acceptance with each interview. We provide as much “inside” information as possible for a successful interview.
  • We realize a career move to a similar job with a different company feels like a lateral move. Even Candidates who are moving up in their careers struggle with change. Our Talent Agents have negotiated transition packages that include sign-on bonuses, guarantees, stock options and more.
  • On-board coaching. We have experience taking thousands of mortgage professionals through the entire process, from career assessment to on-boarding with a new company and beyond, to ensure a successful transition.

The team at EMAC focuses on attracting, assessing, developing, and retaining best-in-class Mortgage Industry talent. We take pride in supporting job candidates and potential employers throughout the entire recruitment process.

What we ask of our Candidates

Today, for the first time in nearly a decade, mortgage industry Hiring Managers are experiencing a shift from an employer-driven market to a candidate-driven market especially when it comes to executive and managerial positions. In addition, the talent market is now overwhelmingly driven by top performers. We see them being heavily courted and employers need to wake up to this new reality or lose out.

For the relationship to work effectively, candidates need to trust the Talent Agent they chose to work with and know that the Talent Agent is looking out for their best interest. Professional courtesy is what sets us apart from other mortgage professionals.

We have extensive experience taking thousands of mortgage professionals through entire interview processes; we open doors to the hidden job markets and advance careers to a whole new level.

Communication Principles.

  • Be honest
  • Return phone calls promptly, at the very least a text or email
  • Keep your Talent Agent fully informed of your thoughts and concerns on all opportunities that you are pursuing, where the Talent Agent is involved
  • Always represent yourself professionally
  • Commit to arriving 15 minutes early to all interviews
  • Dress in a conservative business suit at the very least

Our clients normally interview candidates several times before extending a formal offer. Be forthcoming. During the courting process, you must keep your Talent Agent posted on any issues or concerns that arise. Once the formal offer is extended, our clients will be expecting a quick decision.

In the initial call with your Talent Agent, we will be assessing whether or not you are the right fit and the financial package meets your requirements, so that when the formal offer is presented, you are in a position to make a decision and accept the client’s offer.

The essence of the Executive Search process is that the EMAC candidate’s experience a discreet, professional and targeted dialogue with our clientele.

Our Talent Agent can help you by asking probing questions following every interview, and determine your concerns and expectations to moving forward in the process.

We will discuss your all options as to how to ACCEPT or RENEGOTIATE the Job Offer, prior to communicating with the hiring manager. We want to make this important career decision a professional experience.

References play a key role in your search process.

Quality references allow us to sell you to our clients. There is nothing more powerful than a quote from a reference. Please provide your Talent Agent with the names, phone numbers and professional relationships of 3 supervisors, 3 peers, and 2 subordinates (if applicable).

When you work with our EMAC Talent Agents, you’ll always benefit from our industry specialization, candor and proven process. We take the time to get to know your employment and career objectives and workplace style to match you with your next great employer. Our processes are designed to develop winning matches between our candidates and potential employers.

All our Talent Agents are experts in the mortgage lending space, they excel at knowing where to find the best candidates for each assignment, what companies to source from, the tactics to engage the best candidates and with techniques that deliver a compelling message to attract their interest.

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