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Partnering with a search firm is not easy. In this economic marketplace, it’s important to know your recruiting options. What’s worked in the past may not be your best choice in the future. Our team compares your recruiting needs and requirements to help to choose the best recruiting option.

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Matching the right executive candidate to the right company is what we do best, whether it’s searching for the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, staffing the sales force for a national bank, or recruiting a highly specialized mortgage talent. After all, the executives we place today are our clients of tomorrow. The philosophy at EMAC is to work with both clients and candidates from a relationship standpoint. By thoroughly understanding the culture and the strategic plan of our clients.

We add value through the recruitment and successfully hiring individuals who best parallels our client’s business philosophy. This important and yet often overlooked aspect of the recruiting process is what allows us to find candidates that best fit our client’s organizational needs.

find-job-key-300x152 SolutionsThe EMAC Group does not rely on job boards or complex software to match candidates with jobs. Instead, we utilize our proprietary database technology and our Talent Agents to attract the best candidates. We pride ourselves on knowing the strengths of each candidate and we’re conscious of the difference between a candidate who is qualified to do the  job, to one who can excel at the job. We only submit the best matched candidates, through our in depth screening and qualifying process with a Talent Agents, we outline their strengths, weaknesses and aptitude for the job.

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