Being a client-focused search firm is the essence of how we position ourselves in the mortgage industry.

The EMAC Group (EMAC) is committed to presenting our clients the with best candidates the mortgage industry has to offer. To succeed, we expect clients to partner with us. We have identified key elements that, if followed, leads to a successful new hire. Our talent-acquisition team dedicates their resources to provide you with necessary, measurable, and actionable results. To do so, we use the following engagement outline.

  1. Integrity in Communication: We are always open and honest, in all matters of our partnership.
  2. Real-time Feedback: We will discuss with you any and all issues and feedback concerning our recruiting efforts on your behalf within 1 business day.
  3. Prompt Accountability: We will discuss all candidates presented for your consideration within 1 business day.
  4. Introductory Clause: Client will provide EMAC with introductions and access to all parties actively involved in the interviewing and decision-making process of any candidate referred.
  5. Candidate Debriefing: Client agrees to provide feedback regarding all candidate interviews with EMAC on the day the interview occurs.
  6. Offer Ownership: Candidate offers will be discussed and reviewed with EMAC before being made.
  7. Recommendation(s): Client agrees to take into consideration all of EMAC’s recommendations regarding introductions, preparation, interviewing, and employment offers to referred candidates.

EMAC possess a strong reputation for delivering access to top mortgage industry talent. Key clients recognize one of EMAC’s real ‘value adds’ is working with EMAC as a business partnership that yields market intelligence and industry insight. Our client relationship philosophy centers around establishing rules of engagement that will help both partners understand expectations and accountability to ensure success on each search assignment.

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