Retained Search

By April 30, 2015Employer Center

A retained search is preferable in cases where a company has a pressing professional level need that requires a candidate who will hold key leadership responsibilities and whose services are integral to overall organizational success.

The Retainer option is used primarily when a position must be filled within a specific period of time. The EMAC Group provides executive candidates on an exclusive basis. We guarantee an agreed-upon number of in-person interviews.

The Strategy

Under retained recruitment conditions, The EMAC Group acts as a fully ‘outsourced’ recruitment arm of your organization and conducts a recruitment process on your behalf. The recruitment process is tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs, through detailed consultation and constant communication with you, the client.

With a retained assignment, the client generally pays one-third of the fee at commencement of the assignment; one-third upon delivery of a short list; and the balance upon successful placement of the Ideal Candidate. In this way, you, as the client, are paying for a ‘service’ in recognition of the time and materials that are expended in conducting the assignment.

Retaining a single agency on an exclusive basis enables the client to hold the agency accountable for the recruitment process. If multiple agencies are engaged, then control and accountability are lost, and the chances of finding a suitable candidate are reduced significantly. Further justification for exclusive engagements can be found in this article – ‘Why Engage Us Exclusively?’

At The EMAC Group, two senior account managers are designated to all retained assignments that we undertake. The recruitment process that we use is rigorous and parallel that of an offsite ‘project management’ methodology. A detailed search is conducted to find Ideal Candidates, who are then subjected to a comprehensive screening and interview process. Once a short list is determined, The EMAC Group will work closely with you to arrange interviews, undertake reference/background checks and provided a certain anonymity to the search assignment and our clients.