Learn how to recruit & hire more loan officers.

Get the most comprehensive success plan available today for recruiting great loan officers.

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  • Reduction in overall hiring costs

  • Proven methodologies that yield above average response

  • Experienced recruiting trainer with years of industry knowledge

  • Enhanced interview activity levels

  • Improving your job posting visibility

  • Qualified prospect and candidate leads

  • Highly successful and skilled recruiters

  • Proven sourcing and recruiting techniques

  • Increased market share and profitability


EMAC Recruitment Academy offers hiring managers, solutions in which to secure comprehensive recruitment training. Targeted training that takes you beyond the recruitment process, beyond just developing the ideal candidate profile and into a recruiting campaign that lures and wins talent.

Our Recruitment Training provides a focus on volume recruiting, using “Direct Recruiting” strategies, we know how to attract, recruit, and successfully hire the Top Talent in a competitive market. Our Coach works with you on a One-on-One basis to ensure that key performance targets are being accomplished based upon your specific expectations. We make recommendations that are designed to increase the effectiveness and overall efficiencies of your recruiting campaign. We ensure that you receive personalized service each and every time, with specific answers to recruiting questions or scenarios.

Our goal is to raise our client’s Recruiting IQ and outline a Recruitment Campaign for their SUCCESS. We introduce you to the Secrets of the Executive Search industry “Targeted Recruitment Training” that focuses on your specific areas of need.

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Benchmarks are established and processes are defined, measured and repeated to ensure consistency. Disciplines training includes; call scripting, prospect list building, database management, courting, closing and on-boarding. Our residual training, quality control and reporting are variables that will immediately impact your recruiting campaign.