Recruiting Partnership

By April 30, 2015Employer Center

How Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Can Reduce the Costs to Hire

Organizations are challenged to control costs associated with recruiting for top talent in a competitive job market and have indicated RPO becoming a great option. Our RPO process is rapidly becoming a national trend for our clients. This service can immediately impact our client’s in-house recruiting efforts. If gaining control of your recruiting budget is a strategic goal of your organization, then we believe a partnership with EMAC will deliver the result.

The EMAC Group can provide client the benefits of having highly talented and motivated professional recruiters at your fingertips. Our Contract recruiting services option enables you to enlist the assistance of recruiting professionals to supplement existing staff without the need to increase full-time headcount.

Our professional team can quickly identify the talent needed to fill temporary and permanent vacancies. Our service will benefit small, medium and large organizations and is compatible with any industry. Regardless of the scope and scale of your hiring needs we can create tailor-made programs for any and all recruiting challenges. Our recruitment professional becomes fully integrated into your organization as a dedicated member of the recruitment team, participating in leadership meetings, adding input to hiring and retention strategies and fully collaborating to help you achieve your organization’s key initiatives. This complete integration enables our search consultants to evaluate each candidate based on your needs, mission, philosophy and culture. This innovative approach for today’s competitive job market is helping our clients hire and retain the best talent possible.

One of the most important steps in achieving a successful RPO relationship is the integration of EMAC’s RPO processes into the existing business structure and culture as a seamless extension of the organization. Key Objectives for EMAC Recruiting Partnership:

  • Decrease Overall Recruiting Expenses
  • Hire Top industry Talented candidates
  • Centralize All Recruiting Functions
  • Accelerate Hiring & Selection Process
  • Save Administrative & Human Resource Times
  • Track & Improve Hiring Statistics

Our core competencies focus on prospecting for new candidates and integrating the following recruiting tools to help us exceed your program expectations:

  • Web Based recruiting tools and Email campaigns
  • Extensive database of qualified candidates
  • Custom designed script writing
  • Database Management and Candidate Warehousing
  • List development of both candidate work history and demographics
  • Customized activity performance reporting
  • E-commerce application design and implementation

Our outsourced recruiting services allows us to provide our clients with an individual or team of professional recruiters on a project basis. The EMAC Group goes beyond traditional and transactional staffing approaches to provide a results-driven talent recruitment solution focused on today’s rapidly changing business environment. True Related Benefits for an organization include both tangible and intangible results. Here are some of the many benefits cited by organizations that are using a recruitment partnership model to build their success:

  • Powerful Recruitment professional – Organizations that partner with The EMAC Group gain the experience and backing of an entire recruitment firm, bringing that experience in-house to guide and lead the organization’s recruitment efforts.
  • Efficient recruitment efforts led by a single point of contact – Recruitment is no longer scattered throughout the organization and subject to an array of strategies that may or may not be working.
  • Establishment of best interviewing and hiring practices – A recruitment professional can effectively evaluate candidates; schedule interview; coordinate candidate; provide interview preparation and itineraries; and help to transition new hires. This person also serves as an informal spokesperson for the organization, reinforcing organizational goals throughout the numerous daily interactions that occur with candidates, new hires and hiring managers.
  • The EMAC Groups’ Recruitment Partnership model – Provides prescreened, scheduled and prepared candidates with completed paperwork that will change the nature and quality of interviews. The interviews scheduled are efficient, organized with each hiring managers.
  • A steady supply of Top Performing candidates – The recruitment partnership model can use all the resources available to find qualified candidates, high demand and in geographic locations that are less desirable for candidates. An experienced recruitment partner maintains an extensive database of candidate prospects, matching each candidate against the organization’s Ideal Candidates criteria and corporate culture.
  • Screening for quality and future leaders – Our recruitment partnership provides a level of proactive recruiting the best talent with retention and future leadership, rather than reacting to the immediate need of filling empty positions. Consistent professional representation to a Talent Pool of Ideal Candidate market establishes an organization as an “Employer of Choice”.

When focus is placed on the recruitment process, more time can be given to details that add up to building a local, regional and national reputation. Candidates can be presented with a consistent message that reflects the best possible view of an organization, leading to greater candidate interest in interviewing, as well as more candidate referrals to the organization. A dedicated recruitment and communications effort can positively impact the external reputation of the organization, as well as the impressions of existing employees and candidates alike.