our-appraoch1 Mortgage Recruiters Overview

Hire Mortgage Industry Experts

The EMAC Group is a provider of mortgage recruiting services, we offer an extensive network of mortgage professionals and proven expertise developed over 20 years of experience identifying, attracting and recruiting mortgage talent for our clients.
  • Mortgage expertise – Our specialization in the mortgage industry translates into a thorough understanding of our client organizations and position requirements. Our consultants are experts in the mortgage marketplace and are well-versed in the evaluation of the character and skill sets required for success in each specific function and product line. This allows them to quickly recognize client/candidate matches.
  • Expansive mortgage network – Our marketplace longevity and reputation of integrity have granted us credibility in the professional community, allowing us to build a network of tens of thousands of mortgage professionals nationwide.
  • Thought leadership – We leverage our history within the mortgage industry to offer meaningful information on the marketplace, as well as effective strategies for attracting high caliber candidates, including best practices on compensation and other recruitment issues.
  • Client-centric focus – We believe that the key to a successful recruiting relationship is trust. Our commitment to staying on course to acquire the right talent for our client organizations is what sets us apart from other firms. We are dedicated to filling each critical position and driven by the potential of forming long-term relationships built on a foundation of consistent high caliber service and a history of delivering successful results. In fact, we only accept assignments for which we feel we can be successful.

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