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By April 30, 2015Employer Center

The EMAC Group providers of proven Executive Search Solutions to the Mortgage Industry

Due to today’s unpredictable economic cycle, where job security has become an elusive experience. Today’s employment marketplace requires a recruiting partnership with an array of staffing solutions. The EMAC Group understands that every organization’s staffing requirements are unique, and focus on customizing our solutions to provide you with precisely the talent and program needed to successfully hire top talent.

The Strategy

The keys to a successful recruiting Strategy is a thorough understanding of company’s culture, the specific job requirements of the position and the corporate environment and management style. A company’s culture is an intricate part of its success. Each employee has a specific niche that they fill to contribute to the company’s success.

The EMAC Group “Partner for Success” with our clients to create an effective and comprehensive recruiting strategy. The following key steps encompass a full search process.

The Steps to a Successful Hire

Step 1: Define Job Criteria

The EMAC Group begins each assignment with an initial briefing with the client, to determine agreed upon key parameters of the search. We partner with our clients at the start of a search to bring everyone into alignment. Determining with the client’s the requirements and to build a consensus and clarity at the initiation of a search. As a result, the client can redirect internal resources toward equally important activities. Our Search Consultants will search and introduce qualified candidates that add value and best fit your environment.

  • Understanding of the client’s business and company culture.
  • Obtain Hiring Manager job description on position’s scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships, and profile of the Ideal candidate.
  • Develop the list of target companies.

The client provides; an outline of the position, the reason the position is open and candidate specification for the search. The document describes in detail the company, the role, responsibilities, goals and key challenges of the position. The specification summarizes the experience, qualifications and competencies required for success. These key competencies (a unique combination of proven skills, knowledge, abilities and attitudes) form the basis of our assessment of potential candidates throughout the search process.

Step 2: Identify Targets and Candidates

The EMAC Group targets and researches companies and sectors to find those best qualified for the role. Using our proprietary database and personal contacts to seek informal views and opinions on individuals qualified.

  • Develop targeted company locations, phone numbers, and list of all potential qualified candidates in each location.
  • Search our proprietary databases and network of contacts.
  • Locate and identify potential candidates using direct sourcing methods

On the basis of our research, we approach potential candidates on an informed basis. Once we determine an individual is both qualified and interested in the role, we then profile the candidate’s proven skills, knowledge, abilities and their motivation to making a career change.

Step 3: Present and peak the interest of Qualified Candidates

Before presenting any candidates to the client, each candidate is assessed and validated against the position specification and a Candidate Profile is provided to the client. We prepare a recommendation for the client with our assessment of each candidate’s fit against the specification.

  • Pre-screen and evaluate candidates for a match to the client’s criteria in the job specification.
  • Present the opportunity and peak the interest of qualified candidates.
  • Determine if qualified candidates are interested.
  • Document a detailed profile of all qualified candidates to include: their overall qualifications, work history, education and income parameters
  • Isolate their interest and motivations to a career change.
  • Provide each qualified candidate with clients information

We continue to seek informal references on each candidate before introducing him or her to the client, in order to confirm and enhance our knowledge of the candidate’s achievements and track record.

Step 4: Communicate with Client

Subsequent to the client selecting their preferred candidate, our Search Consultants conduct thorough referencing to further measure and assess competencies, strengths and weaknesses, and to provide our client with external views of the individual.

  • Review with client each candidate qualifications, years of industry experience, their interest level and motivations to a career change.
  • Provide a detailed profile of each qualified candidate to client.

Step 5: Scheduling the initial Interview

Prepare the selected candidates through the entire interview process, briefing and debriefing both client and prospective candidate on issues/concerns, pending a final selection.

  • Provide date and time of initial interview.
  • Confirm with each qualified/interested candidate.
  • Send a confirmation email with date, time and venue.

Review with client an overview of the interview to include their interest level and any concerns. Determine the next steps in the process. Review with candidate their overview of the interview to include their interest level and any concerns. Provide client with the candidates debrief and feed back.

Step 6: Set Up the Offer Phase

Salary negotiations are a critical step in the hiring process. Candidates with in-demand skill sets may already be evaluating other opportunities by the time you make an offer, so it’s important to handle this stage effectively.

  • Isolate any outstanding concerns
  • Isolate any compensation issues (bonuses, trip or awards)
  • Prepare them to any corporate background checks or testing
  • Gain a verbal acceptance

Our Search Consultants assist the client in negotiate the compensation package with the prospect prior to drafting a final offer. Our Search Consultants knowledge and trust established between the candidates enable them to have a strong influential during the salary negotiation stage, to make certain the salary is within the client’s budget

Step 7: Presenting the Offer

Once selecting the prospective to hire, assisting clients to make the offer as soon as possible. A delay can cause the client to loose the best candidate.

  • Recap the opportunity, objectives and goals.
  • Confirm their interest in this career move.
  • Review the terms and conditions of the offer.
  • Gain a verbal commitment.
  • Welcome them to the team.

Upon final selection the Search Consultant then participates in any negotiations of the offer and the transitional package. Carefully Consider the Employment Offer, enter negotiations with a strong understanding of compensation trends. The offer should be fair to the candidate and in line with current standards in the industry.

Step 8: Coaching Through the Transition and Counter Offer Stage

The Search Consultant provides counseling to the selected candidate on the resignation process and the counter offer phase.

  • Get the commitment to the start date.
  • Prepare the resignation letter.
  • Coaching through their current employer reaction phase of resigning.

The Search Consultant understands that the candidate concerns at the later stages are due to; the possibility of a counter-offer or a competitive offer from another company.

Step 9: Finally — Hiring the Preferred Candidate: Bring negotiations to a successful hire.

Providing encouragement when presenting an offer, making sure to highlight the reasons someone would want to work at clients company. Prospective employees are interested in hearing about staff recognition and bonus programs, advancement possibilities and unique aspects of the corporate culture.

  • We will stay in contact with the chosen candidate through the successful start date.
  • We communicate promptly and courteously informed with all unsuccessful candidates.