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What if you had the names, titles, phone numbers, and emails of the Ideal Candidates those cream-of-the-crop employees who don’t happen to be looking for a job at the exact time that you’re trying to hire? Our Human Resource alternatives provide results-driven solutions for acquiring the best talent; through our innovative combination of contract sourcing, managed recruiting, executive search, consulting and assessment solutions.

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    Virtual Recruiting Agent

    Provide qualified candidates that best fit the client position requirements. Our VRA provides clients with qualified candidates that best fit the culture and are directly recruited from competitors. We present the opportunity and initiate candidates to the interview process. Our team stays involved throughout entire process until a successful hire.

    Talent Acquisition ReStart

    Challenges in Recruiting – Do you know of a Top Industry Performer you would like to hire – but can’t seem to get them back to the table? In today’s competitive employment market – strong candidates have more than one opportunity from which to choose.

    Closing and On-Boarding

    We will assist our clients with the candidate that they sourced and initiated the interview process, isolate the candidate’s issues and concerns, adjust the opportunity and/or offer with changes and proceed until the targeted candidate is successfully hired.

    Executive Search

    Our expanded search assignment will provide candidate sourcing, pre-screening,  recruit, present opportunity and negotiation of final offer. We will continue until the targeted candidate is successfully hired.

    Recruitment Coach

    Our Goal is to raise our client’s Recruiting IQ and outline a Recruitment Campaign for SUCCESS. Our coaching programs introduce you to the Secrets of the recruiting industry “Targeted Recruitment Training” that focuses on your specific areas of need.

    Rules of Engagement

    We are committed to presenting our clients with the best candidates the mortgage industry has to offer. To succeed, we expect clients to partner with us. We have identified key elements that, if followed, leads to a successful new hire.

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