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The EMAC Group’s Candidate Closing Solutions program provides Hiring Manager with assistance on the back-end portion of the Search Process. Our Clients may have already qualified the prospect, conducted a series of interviews and in many cases extended an offer.

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Our Talent Agents interview the Hiring Managers to determine where each of their prospects is in the interview process and isolate each candidate’s motivations to consider a career move.

Negotiating the close of any deal can be the hardest part of the process. This is especially true of recruiting where the stakes can be high and top talent is in high demand.

Hiring Managers have already invested their time, energy and resources to; source, screen, qualify and interview potential candidates.

Your ability to close a top performer puts all of your recruiting skills in check, it’s the relationship you have built with each candidate prior to the close that is the key to a successful outcome.


Hiring the wrong employee can be damaging to business and could take years to overcome, identifying the best fit talent in your local market can streamline your recruiting initiative.