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Our Candidate Generation Solution, also known as sourcing, is where we do the “Leg Work” for you. True phone based candidate sourcing directly from your competitors. We will provide you with the name, company name, title, and telephone number of the person(s) that meet your job requirements.

These candidates are acquired from your direct competitors. That list of potential candidates will be e-mailed to you daily until we complete the total number of names requested. You can then call those candidates and present your company’s job opportunity to each one. These are true “passive candidates”: we have not presented your opportunity to them and they will not know who EMAC or our research team are.

We guarantee each candidate will meet or exceed your minimum qualifications as per the job specifications given to us. If we give you the name of a candidate that is off target, for whatever reason, we will replace it. All we ask is so that we do not duplicate the same mistake, we request you to document why each candidate was not qualified so that we can redirect their search activities accordingly. We have the experience to hit both the active and passive candidate markets.

Depending on your needs we can source candidates from the internet, job boards, social networking sites such as, or any of the other network sites also known as internet sourcing and we can do what most other Candidate Sourcing companies can’t do, true phone based candidate sourcing directly from your competitors.


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