Benefits of Contract Recruiting

By April 30, 2015Employer Center

The issue of quality is paramount in the talent recruitment and it impacts a number of issues that traditional sources cannot match. Quality is an important issue for overall recruitment process. The adage “garbage in – garbage out” applies to talent acquisition services and the adherence to best-in-class processes allows recruitment providers to filter out undesirable candidates from the long list of candidates and generate a short list of Ideal Candidates.

Virtual Recruiting Agents can help you pinpoint your target audience using a number of powerful filters that include geography, company size, industry, and job title. The use of recruitment professionals fully engaged in their field of expertise, serves to enhance the overall level of candidate quality that contract recruiting provides to our client. Additionally, a good recruiter would never interviews a great candidate without getting the name and contact information of their references increasing the Talent Pool for future candidates.

The EMAC Group is a proactive talent scouts and are often the first point of contact with prospective candidates in the recruiting effort. Using the telephone, email, instant messaging and web-based communications, we can initiate thousands of contacts with relevant professionals in order to identify high performing industry professionals. Sourcing qualified Ideal Candidates is recognized as one of the most important functions in the recruiting process and is the heart of every highly successful talent-building recruiting campaign.

Our Search Consultantants are experienced, hands-on recruiting professionals, working on contract rate in defined term (ex. 6 month) or open-ended (ex. month-to-month) contract engagements. Like other consultants, our contract recruiters work assignments on-site at corporate offices as an integrated team member, off-site from the Palm Harbor office. Clients will be billed at a contract rate as opposed to a placement fee, which means clients pay less than what contingent fee and significantly less than traditional retained fees. In addition to proactive candidate sourcing measures, contract recruiting is often deployed to handle the front end of candidate recruiting for the corporate recruiter.

The expertise of a contract recruiter can contribute to identifying and screening qualified candidates. By handling a large volume of candidates and resumes and by providing the first level screening, a Contract Sourcing Specialist can significantly impact the speed of the recruiting process and ultimately, the time to fill job requisitions and reduce the cost per hire. Nearly all Fortune 500 companies engage Contract Recruiters on an ongoing basis or intermittently. Many other large, medium and smaller size companies also use Contract Recruiters. Contract Recruiting:

  1. Communicate in mass to relevant potential talent
  2. Identify hidden or passive high performing industry talent
  3. Generate a continuous pipeline of talent for recurrent positions
  4. Open alternate channels and networks through which hidden or passive talent can be attracted by an opportunity
  5. Increase candidate quality and quantity
  6. Expedite recruiting processes by handling resume reviews and job applications in large volume
  7. Contribute to the reduction of time to fill and cost per hire

When you are faced with making multiple critical hires under the pressure of limited time, a Contract Recruiter may be your best solution. Companies in size ranging from Fortune 500 to small start-ups regularly utilize Contract Recruiters as a cost-effective, well-managed way to accomplish short and mid range recruiting objectives.

A skilled Contract Recruiter can represent a very strong value proposition for your company and bring a wealth of benefits:

  • Increase or decrease the size of your recruiting team size on the fly.
  • Bring aboard a highly experienced Recruiter who would otherwise exceed your salary parameters on a full time hire.
  • Observe varying levels of expertise among a wider group of Recruiters and develop performance benchmarks.
  • Add temporary expertise when making selection and hiring process or system refinements such as the implementation of a new ATS (applicant tracking system) or RMS (resume/recruitment management system).
  • Increase your internal “client” satisfaction by providing greater support to hiring managers under pressure to make critical hires.
  • Create your own internal RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) in real time, without the long term commitments and organizational impact complications.
  • Develop an internal search firm capability. Adding both sourcing and recruiting proficiency, you can implement a talent pipeline generation capability internally for key recurrent positions.
  • Unbundle your process to increase performance and hiring manager satisfaction. Hire a team of one or more contract recruiting specialists to handle the sourcing function and maximize candidate quality/quantity while allowing your full-time Recruiters more time dedicated to hiring manager relationships.
  • Fill a potential performance gap when one of your recruiting team members takes a leave of absence. Elevate your candidate experience (a key to both hiring and retention successes).
  • Meet objectives, executive and departmental priorities and project deadlines without a loss in recruiting performance. Hire a contract recruiting specialist to assist in employer brand development, job description templates, candidate attraction strategies, competitive recruitment tactics, sourcing strategies, etc.
  • Add specialization and focus. Bring visibility and awareness to key recruiting initiatives within your department such as diversity recruiting.

Create a Recruiting Campaign – Promote Your Company with a true “Client Showcase”! There are good reasons to engage us in this way and they are outlined in this separate article – ‘Why Engage Us Exclusively’ For more information, please contact us to start your search today!

The EMAC Group continually develops new recruiting strategies, tools and methods to enhance overall recruiting efforts. Recruiting is a core part of our business. We make every effort to attract the best candidates available in today’s market and have adopted a unique and multi-faceted approach to recruiting.