Connecting Mortgage Talent

Identifying the Best-Match one person at a time

The EMAC (Employment Management Accountability Consulting) Group, founded in 2004 as a mortgage industry executive search and recruitment training platform. We continue our aggressive growth by partnering with clients and career-minded professionals to meet their individual aspirations with a network of over 250,000 and growing.

We all have a story to share, as a career-minded professional, a leader, or as an organization. What sets us all apart is our experiences in life and throughout our careers. For over 25 years, we have heard the stories from so many professionals and have watched their aspirations unfold during every chapter of their career. 

We recruit amazing people to help your business reach new heights.

The team at EMAC does not depend on job boards to find talent, we are direct recruiters, specialize in attracting passive candidates that focus on their career aspirations. Our innate ability to utilize non-traditional avenues allows us to tap into a vast network of highly qualified industry talent, many of which are currently employed and not actively searching the job boards. Our commitment to excellence is what drives us to deliver a high-quality service.



To help qualified mortgage professionals find the best match employer and identify opportunities to take their career to a new level.


To assist hiring managers find the Ideal Candidates, quickly and effectively through a direct recruiting approach to acquiring talent.


To train and hone the professional skills of our clients. With our training, members become experts and the best in their field.

Today’s mortgage talent seek out employers that offer opportunities to create something new or work with an organization that is committed to their employee’s career. The EMAC Group specializes in connecting mortgage talent with companies offering career growth and with opportunities that help meet their career aspirations. EMAC endeavors to get it right the first time. By attracting high caliber candidates, we have the capacity to reduce our client’s risk and contribute to a higher return on investment when hiring better talent to their team.

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