Creating a Recruiting Campaign

By May 15, 2020August 6th, 2020Employer Center

Recruiting top talent will not happen overnight and will not come easily in the future.

Unless you are willing to offer a phenomenal package, recruiting the top talent requires building relationships to attract the industry professionals to join your company. Sometimes, with luck and timing, this process can be almost immediate. Most often, the process requires time, patience and effort. That is generally where the recruiter … Outside and in-house, fail.

Because of the tremendous pressure on their time, recruiters do not have the luxury of developing long-term relationships with top talent candidates. Most seasoned professionals have received the phone call from outside and in-house recruiters, recruiting for a position. They inquire as to whether you would be interested.

 This is how it typically sounds like…

Are you interested in making a move? No. Do you know anyone who might be…? No.

The prospect never hears from that particular recruiter again, or if they do, it is months or years later when the recruiter has another opening and they run across their name again.

Although this approach is unfortunately common practice, this method of recruiting is terribly inefficient. The candidates the recruiter generates are the people who are ready to move today, and the likelihood that top prospects are looking to move today is extremely unusual.

Companies and sales managers need a recruiting program in place to capture those top prospects when they are ready to make a move … And who knows when that will be? And when they are ready to move, who will they call?

Without a consistent, effective recruiting campaign, the answer to the last question is—probably that one sales manager that has been consistently and tenaciously making those recruiting calls.

Unfortunately, many companies erroneously believe that their reputation, visibility, or size will be sufficient to attract the top talent they need. Not true.

A recruiting campaign implements a consistent, well defined and executed recruiting program to:

  • Position your company to attract top talent when the talent is ripe
  • Place your company at the top of the candidate’s mind when the candidate determines the time is right to make a move
  • Help the candidate make a positive move toward your company before he/she may otherwise have decided to change companies

Here are several tips to create a successful recruitment campaign:

Tip One: Top producers are actively looking for a job, they move when there is trouble at their current employer that affecting their business. So the best strategy is to make recruiting an ongoing activity. Keep your ‘finger on the pulse’ and make recruiting an everyday activity.

Tip Two: Develop an on-going strategy to ensure you are recruit your all of the time. Have a clear, well thought plan in writing. Plan and develop a flow chart with clear objectives and desired results.

Tip Three: Create the Ideal Candidate Profile, not just a job description, clearly defines what you want in a good candidate. Know what you are looking for and don’t leave your selection criteria to chance. Once you’ve developed a clear description of what your Ideal Candidate looks like, you are able to distance yourself from the emotions involved in your interviewing and make objective selection decisions.

Tip Four: Review the ads of your competitors, how they are wording their sales recruitment ads and learn what they are doing to attract talent. Create your own ads that will attract attention away from your competition and towards your own organization.

Tip Five: Consider all media options to advertise for your Loan Officers, to include; full-color newspaper inserts, business journal classifieds, a banner ad on your website and industry related websites. For the newbies have a university ‘career’ days, job / career fairs, use internet job postings and maybe even radio ads.

Don’t restrict your efforts to just one advertising medium. As like a marketing campaign, you need to build a recruiting ‘web’ with many branches to get the word out about your organization and to attract top talent.

Tip Six: Don’t assume experienced Loan Officers have the skills and abilities to bring in sales results right away. In your recruitment strategy, ensure that you incorporate coaching, training and support for all of your New hire Orientation. The recruiting and hiring of staff is a continual process that does not end with one job interview. Having a consistent plan that incorporates staff development will improve your recruitment outcomes.

Tip Seven: Have an attractive and fair compensation plans in place. Consider hiring ‘newbies’ with no previous mortgage experience, but with the skill sets of top producers. Reward both your trainees and more experienced candidates with a financial package that will not only attract experienced candidates, but encourage them to work hard, and stay committed to your organization for the long haul.

When recruiting top talent, you’ve got two choices. 1. You can make up the process as you go along and hopefully cover every angle. Or 2. You can set aside a few hours to follow a process that works. Recruiting is not an event, it’s an ongoing process that takes a commitment of time to ensure you have a team of top performers.