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Hire a Talent Agent to find the Ideal Job.

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Finding the best employer is not easy!

Let’s face it, who has the time to interview with the competition? As a busy mortgage professional, you aren’t always able to chance every opportunity that sounds good and you don’t want to be caught looking around.

The EMAC Group has helped thousands of mortgage professionals find their Ideal Jobs. While we identify and attract talent for our clients, we are not recruiters, recruiting in the traditional sense. We are professionals like you with extensive experience and sole focus in the mortgage industry.

The recruiting team at EMAC provides mortgage professionals with market intelligence and career opportunities that align with their business and career objectives.

Our objective is to connect the best mortgage professionals with the right lending platform. Our goal is to identify the best fit lenders for Loan Officers, Branch and Regional Managers and fulfillment, while at the same time, providing talent acquisition resources to our clients.

Our recruiting team partners with candidates and schedules confidential discovery calls for you to ask Hiring Managers direct questions regarding their value-proposition.

A discovery call helps you quickly understand whether the client company is a good fit and the opportunity can help you meet your career objectives. We realize the transition to a new employer is a complex process and our recruiting team assists candidates in bridging the gap to a career move.

Let The EMAC Group be your Trusted Talent Agent who will make this happen!

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Partnering for your Success

Our Talent Agents work with candidates that are serious about their careers and become partners with us through the search for the Ideal Job. We use a systematic process to better understand a candidate beyond the resume, their goals and their career aspirations.
Every candidate is presented to an opportunity through a Discovery Call prior to submission to the Hiring Manager. We work with passive candidates that are currently employed and active candidates looking for their Ideal Job. Talent Agents are committed to move a candidate along in the search process and overcome obstacles they are encountering with their Ideal Job search, resumes and more.
In today’s business climate it is imperative that a candidate does not make a wrong move that can cost him or her career growth and opportunity as the market improves. Knowing this, we have trained and committed Talent Agents, Trainers and Coaches that become partners with you in improving your career path and assisting in various areas tied to a new position or career move.
As with any good partnership, we believe that constant and constructive communication is the key to working together on your common goal. After thirty plus years in the mortgage industry, we have seen employment trends and companies come and go, but one thing has stayed constant and that is change.

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