Mary-Kennebeck-Headshot-e1499785859252 Mary Kennebeck
Mary Kennebeck
Vice President | Strategic Partnerships | Business Development | Recruitment Training

Mary Kennebeck serves as the Vice President, Strategic Partnerships + Business Development + Recruitment Training for The EMAC Group and EMAC Recruiting Academy. Mary key role is to support our core belief to help + unite + educate our clients and talented candidates for the ultimate partnership, recruiting success, and value sustainability.
As an EMAC consultant for the past 22 years, Mary understands our business and the importance of real relationships. She will partner to co-develop a customized talent acquisition strategy, employee-centric value proposition, marketing collaboration, and recruitment education integration for the best candidate experience, improved recruitment efficiencies, and effectiveness to build high performing teams for our clients.

Mary brings a fresh perspective, deep insight and a unique combination of global sales, marketing and training experience to enhance our client’s employer branding and recruitment campaigns through one-on-one coaching, group trainings or management presentations.

“To transform your talent acquisition strategy and leverage your employer brand, culture, employee-centric value proposition to attract top talent that accelerate your business goals”